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FIMC has been involved with Brokers since 1991 and through our training company FITS and our FIMC software packages we have delivered best advice to brokers on their software and IT requirements over many years. We are  delighted to announce the launch of our Broker Business Management System (BBMS) which creates a practical and simple to use workbench for brokers needing to maximise the  use of their time in a productive and logical manner. We have worked closely with selected brokers to ensure this product saves brokers time and money immediately it is installed in your office. 

The following introduction will give you a brief overview of the system and its unique features all of which are designed to maintain the competitiveness  of the broker operation and improve profit margins. 

In working with Brokers we have identified the following strategic business  challenges now facing brokers in this marketplace. All professional Brokers  must now :

  •      Service the Client in a professional and efficient manner.

  •      Meet Central Bank compliance rules.

  •      Have access to the most up-to-date Market information for advice and marketing purposes.

  •      Make use of stored Client data to generate Management reports. 

We have identified the following components as essential in enabling the Broker to survive in the new environment. All brokers must now have access to:

  •         A Client Management Database

  •         Quotation Software.

  •         Fact Find Software.

  •         Active up-to-date Policy Data.

  •         Market Research Software.

  •         Client Reporting Software linking all of the above.

While there are numerous individual applications in the market which attempt to deliver on aspects of the above none to our knowledge do so to the same extent as FIMC's new BBMS system. 

BBMS works on an open Windows platform and can interface with other on-line and off-line applications. BBMS is a fully integrated Customer Relationship Management Database  (CRM) Application. The application can interface seamlessly with the brokers client policy data downloaded from insurers. Its unique features include :

  • The input and Store Client Personal & Business information

  • The generation  and Storing of  Multiple Fact Finds by Client

  • The storing  of Client Documents.

  • The generation  and Storing of Client Quotations.

  • The viewing , analysis and summary of active Client Policy Data.

  • The creation of  Client Reports.

  • The creation of Management Reports. 

FIMC has established that under the new compliance regulations a Broker could spend up to 8-10 hours on delivering a full Client Report with all the necessary best advice back-up. Using  BBMS we believe a broker can reduce this workload by 70-80% and at the same time create a full and accurate audit trail of all his/her transactions on behalf of the client. This feature alone will resolve many of the compliance requirements which are causing brokers much concern at present.


Currently FIMC's existing financial software products are used by FBD Life & Pensions, Marsh Financial Services,  Bruen Life & Pensions, AIC, Pat Treacy Insurances, AON Beechill, Melvin Doyle Life & Pensions, Campion Insurances. FIMC's service benchmarking software is also used by all of the major Life and Non-Life insurers in analysing their service to Brokers. Our research Library is another major success with Brokers and is available through our website

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