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Basic Minimum Order - 1 User Licence - Valid 1 Year*

*Note: An annual licence fee of Eur1270.00 plus VAT will be charged to you in year 2 and subsequent years.

@EUR6349.00 plus VAT

Orders for more than 1 user licence must be quoted for separately. Please contact FIMC at (01) 676 4737 or by eMail to 

Subscribe to DEBS++ Support and free product upgrade service for subsequent years*

*Note: Support and free product upgrade service for one year is included in the initial licence fee of Eur6349.00. Thereafter an annual fee is payable for this service charged at Eur1905.00 plus VAT. 

@EUR1905.00 plus VAT

All prices are subject to Republic of Ireland VAT at 21%.


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