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Factor 2002 Template Update Files
Factor 2002 templates are a set of pre-designed MS Word template documents which have been carefully laid out to match the precise designs of the application form for the various financial institutions. All the templates include preformatted mail merge fields and link in seamlessly to your Factor 2002 application.

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Here is a list of the currently available templates:

Legal Disclaimer Notice

Canada Life Irish Life
  • Life & Savings application form
  • Irish Life Mortgage PIM
  • Irish Life Pension Choice
Eagle Star New Ireland
  • Serious Illness & Guaranteed Mortgage Protection policy
  • Personal Investment Plan
  • Savings & Protection
  • Savings & Personal Retirement
  • Smart Fund
Friends First Scottish Provident
  • Home Protector
  • FirstTerm Assurance
  • Personal Pension Plan
Hibernian Central Bank Forms
  • Hibernian Protection Cover
  • Executive Pension Plan Recommendations
  • Factor Fact Find Information
  • Factor Fact Find Waiver 
  • Government SaverScope Recommendations
  • Income Protection Recommendations
  • Inheritance Protection Recommendations
  • Investment Bond Recommendations
  • Low Risk Investment Bond Recommendations
  • Personal Lines Renewal (Reasons Why)
  • Personal Pension Plan Recommendations
  • Mortgage Protection Recommendations (Reasons Why)
  • Section 30 Receipt
  • Term Assurance Recommendations
  • Terms of Business
  • Unit Linked Protection Recommendations

Legal Disclaimer Notice: The Factor 2002 template files are provided by FIMC Limited as a no-cost benefit for our clients WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES. Neither FIMC Limited, it's directors, staff or agents can be held liable in any way for any typographic, technical or other errors which might arise from the use of these templates. Furthermore, we can not be held liable for any misrepresentations or consequential losses however incurred from the use of these templates. The templates are facsimiles of standard forms used by several corporations and are correct at the time of their design. These forms are subject to change without notice.

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