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Project Management

FIMC are expert in delivering projects on time and within budget. The company has in hand a number of projects requiring strong organisational and planning skills. From corporate events to training seminars FIMC can deliver a professional A-Z logistical service which is 100% client branded. FIMC and its associate companies currently manage a significant number of business projects for a number of large corporate clients.

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Broker Distribution Strategy

FIMC has worked with Brokers since 1992 and has created a strong affinity with this distribution channel. FIMC can assist companies strategically with their broker relationship management and advise product manufacturers on how best to maximise the profitability of its broker network. 

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Service Benchmarking

FIMC has created a wealth of data on the strengths and weaknesses of insurers in the Irish market. FIMC can assist companies in identifying operational weaknesses and determine from our software analysis a rich set of options and business solutions.

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Market research

FIMC are specialists in researching the attitude and perception of Brokers to product manufacturers. Our research panels guarantee immediate and 90%+ response rates.
Analysis and recommendations come as part of the research package.

Pilot Online Survey

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Product Research

FIMC has been retained by many companies to analyse existing products and profile specifications and usps for new contracts. The objective here is to get the product right first time. In one instance our product profile when launched generated over 80million premiums in 18 months.

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Client Database Management

FIMC has been successfully active in developing software to assist firms in managing their client databases more effectively. From de-duping client lists, database re-creation and eventual accurate mailing lists FIMC has saved its clients significant time and resources.

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