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Morgan® Mortgage Analyser

This is a mortgage quotation system which provides comparative mortgage quotes from all of the lending institutions. It is Windows based and fully interfaced with MS Word and MS Excel for easy delivery of quotation data to potential mortgage clients. A must for any Broker arranging mortgage business.

Click here to download the 10 day trial version of Morgan Mortgage Analyser.

Download the Latest Interest Rate Files for Morgan 

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Click here to download the Morgan Mortgage Analyser User Guide.

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Factor 2002® Client Factfind Management Software

Factor 2002 is a client management and fact find recording system designed for the Irish market. Using Factor you can manage a client data base, collect quotation information and store a diary of all correspondence. You can log letters quotations and telephone calls and retrieve these as required. You can output extracts from you data to EXCEL and use the information to analyse and manage you client base.

Click here to download the 30 day trial version of Factor 2002.

Download the Latest Factor Templates File Sets 

(Registered FIMC clients only)

Click here to download the Factor 2002 User Guide.

Purchase Factor 2002 Online Here From Only Eur1270.00


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DEBS++ Pensions Administration System

This is a sophisticated pensions administration back office system which caters for existing defined benefit schemes and defined contribution AVCs. The system is Euro compatible and operates in a Windows environment. It can be used on a stand alone basis or on a multi-user platform.
The software has been operating in a vigorous commercial environment and is well proven as a reliable pensions database management package.

Click here to download the 30 day trial version of DEBS++

Click here to download the DEBS++ User Guide.

Purchase DEBS++ Online Here From Only Eur6349.00


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Private Client Asset Manager

This software package is capable of administering valuations for self administered pension portfolios. The system can track pension funding requirements in accordance with Revenue rules and is fully interfaced with standard industry annuity tables.

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Product Workbench

This software has been specifically designed to assist actuaries and marketers of financial products in the creation of financial products. The workbench allows the product developer to manipulate profitability and product benefits to arrive at well designed and competitively priced financial products. This software has the capability to reduce product design development time from concept to product launch significantly.

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